Whether you are new to the property investment market or an experience property investor Brisbane offers some outstanding opportunities to build your portfolio. Brisbane is Australia‚Äôs third largest city and still offers cash flow positive property solutions. You will need to understand the demographics of a particular area to make an informed decision of what type of Brisbane investment property  you wish to purchase.

Once you have decided on the type of person that will rent your property you will have to look at what sort of lifestyle they will be looking for. In order to maximise chances of good capital grow things such a future infrastructure developments and land availability will need to be considered. We can help your choose the right property.

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Independent property investment requires the formulation of a financial strategy that will finance the purchase of the property. It is important to develop a plan of where you are going for example are you going to hold the property for the long term or short term. Buying a new home as an investment has certain advantages. You will also need to get sound advice on the land sales and building contracts.


Why invest in property, because it is still the surest way to build wealth over time. There are lots of tax benefits from owning an investment home such as negative gearing. Most Investors use the equity in their existing property to buy an investment home.

The first step in your journey towards building wealth over time through property is to have a game plan. You may decide to maximise your returns from the income that the property generates and offset the tax benefits against your income. Alternatively you may decide to purchase closer to the CBD where the yield is lower but there are better prospects for capital growth over time. We recommend that you get advice from a financial adviser to help you formulate a strategy that works for you.

The next important step in the property investment process is to source your finance. How much deposit do you have? How much can you borrow?  What loan amount do you feel comfortable with? The mortgage broker will give you finance pre-approval, then you can start looking for a property.

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Once you have your investment strategy sorted and know how much you can borrow you need to find a property that not only fits within your criteria it also must be a sound investment that will achieve you goals. We can take all the stress out of the process. We are experts in property and can customise a package to suite you needs. Contact us for an obligation free consultation.

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