A new home mortgage that you can pay off over time can help you build your financial independence. There is no better way to build wealth than in a sustainable manner than over time.  Whether you are an owner occupier or an investor the right mortgage can make your money grow.


Looking to get a start in the property market?  The first thing that you will need is a first home buyer mortgage.  I bet you are wondering how much deposit you will need and do you have enough? There are various ways to get a loan and you may be eligible for a government grant that can help you qualify.  You will also need to work out if you are eligible to apply for a mortgage. The mortgage broker will ask you various questions such as do you have any other debt?  Have you been renting?  The mortgage broker will work with you through your application to help you qualify for a loan. Even if you have no savings you may still be eligible for a new home mortgage, perhaps you have someone that will go guarantor for your mortgage.  

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Are you thinking of securing your financial future by buying and investment property?  You will need an investment property mortgage that best suits your needs.  Investing in a new property has some major benefits such as tax savings and lower maintenance costs.  If you are considering a new property then you will need a loan that can make progress payments as your home is being built. You will also need to consider whether you are going to apply for an interest only loan or interest plus principle.

It is also very important to consider where you are going to purchase your investment property and what you are going to purchase.


There are a number of new home mortgages that you can apply for. Factors that you will need to take into consideration when deciding the mortgage that is best for you will depend on, whether you are buying an established or a new property?  Are you going to apply for a fixed or variable interest loan? Are you going to pay interest only and or interest and principle? What is the period of your loan going to be? 

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Whether you are a home owner or an investor it is important that you get good advice before you select your new home mortgage.  Your financial adviser or mortgage broker will need to take into consideration your individual circumstances and help you make the best out of the opportunities that are right for you.  Although we do not give people financial or mortgage advice we can recommend someone to you.  We do not derive any benefit from this although hopefully when you are in apposition to purchase a new home you will allow us to help you find the right property.  Please feel free to contact us if we can help.

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