We offer a Custom Home Design service that will help you create your unique dream home.  We can alter an existing plan or do a new home design from scratch. We build new homes all over South East Queensland from the Gold Coast to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.


The first step in the process is to assess the land on which you wish to build. If you do not have a block of land already then we can help you select one. Choosing the right block of land will depend on where you would like to live taking into account your budget, the type of home you would like to build and the lifestyle that you wish to achieve.

Custom Home Design front Contemporary entry with timber up each side wall


We can meet you onsite and look at various factors that will need to be taken into consideration during the custom home design process. You will need to consider whether services such as sewer, water and power are available and what will happen to the storm water from your home.  Is the block of land affected by a flood overlay is it in a bushfire prone area? If the block is close to a main road or under a flight path it may have additional acoustic requirements. What special covenant conditions are attached to the block and what is the building envelope? If the block is not flat then what extra costs will be involved in the construction of your new home?  

We have the experience and knowledge to be able to help you take into consideration the many factors that you need to consider when deciding what block and of land is right for you. We can then design the home for you and give you a fixed price to construct it.


We will meet with you and put together a brief of what you would like to achieve from your custom design.

I have found from experience that most people will try to sketch a rough floor plan of their custom home design. I always advise people that it is best to put down in point form what they want out of a home and then let the building designers present a plan that they created to your specifications. In most cases this is a very effective process and usually very close to what the home owner is looking to achieve. It is also very important to keep the design within the client’s budget.

Once we have submitted the brief to the building designers they will come back to us with a floor plan that we can then have the client assess and make any changes the client wises.  At this stage of the process we will work out as best as possible what we expect the home to cost to construct. 

Once changes to the custom home design floor plan have been completed the building designers will do a completed set of elevations. You will then be able to review the elevations and make any further changes that are required. Once this process is done you will have a custom designed house plan.

Bath room with natural line stone tiles.


Greater concern for our natural environment and preserving it for future generations isn’t limited to those of us who live in this beautiful part of the world. There is a growing concern throughout society for a more environmentally friendly approached to living in general. This consumer awareness and concern for the environment, combined with the need to minimize environmental damage from new home development has led to New Houses Direct taking a holistic approach by designing your home understanding the climate and making the most of passive solar design principals. 

With an expectation that energy costs are going to rise significantly over the coming years it will become increasingly more important to minimise the running cost of your home. Not only will this help you save money but it allows each of us to actively play our role in reducing greenhouse gases and tackle climate change.

Our leading edge designs seek to maximize,

  • Solar Passive Design: which includes building areas with living areas facing the north, shading and protection of windows, grouping of similar rooms together, using appropriate building materials for thermal comfort and best practice use of insulation and ventilation.
  • Energy Supply: which includes installing energy efficient lighting, instantaneous  gas hot water, and the selection of energy efficient white goods, appliances and other products.
  • Water Sensitive Design: which uses AAA rated dual flush toilets, taps and shower heads, landscaping with water wise plant selections, mulches and controlled irrigation.
  • Construction Process and Materials: which maximises the use of prefabricated components, minimizing waste and using recycled materials and clean site construction processes.

We at New Houses Direct understand that custom home design is a lot more than placing a plan that you like on your block. In order for your home to be your sanctuary where you live in comfort and style all facets of design need to be taken into consideration. 

Looking up from the pool area to the second floor of a modern home

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