Thinking of a Brisbane Investment Property, Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city and offers a large and diverse range of property investments. With the medium house price being far more affordable in Brisbane than Melbourne or Sydney and offering a better return Brisbane is an excellent place for the property investor to grow their property portfolio.  Brisbane is different in that it has strong organic population growth that is primarily driven by the birth rate where Sydney and Melbourne are growing through immigration. This makes the Brisbane property market more stable and has allowed for excellent constant capital growth of property over time without the boom and bust cycles of the southern states. According to the Queensland Governments Statisticians office the “Natural increase was the largest contributor to Queensland’s population growth” go to Qld Gov website

Brisbane Investment Property picture of the Story Bridge at night


Understanding the demographics about a specific area is helpful in deciding what type of investment to make. If for example the bulk of the population is between 25 and 40 and are married with families then homes of 3 and 4 bedrooms with 2 living areas are going to be in higher demand. On the other hand if you are investing in a seaside suburb where the majority of households are over 50 you may be better investing in rental unit properties that are close to shops and town centres.  If you would like some statistical data try the Australian Bureau of Statistics  or go to Local States


Once you have decided the type of people that live in the area that you are looking to invest in then you need to look at what services this demographic will be looking for. If the area is primarily focused on families then you need to consider things such as location of schools, shopping centres, public transport, recreational and medical facilities. How long will it take to go to school and how easy will it be to travel to work, is public transport into the city available?




In 2016 the Queensland Government released Shaping SEQ a draft plan for regional South East Queensland. The draft plan calls for more infill developments around population centres however the plan does not make the approval process any easier to achieve this. The plan also seeks to restrict development to occurring within the existing urban footprint while identifying additional growth areas. The need for the development of infrastructure is also given attention.  When considering a Brisbane investment property location it always holds true that properties closer to population centres generally have better growth because of the shortage of new land that is on the market however they are also likely to be more expensive. The ANZ property profile reports offer a useful too with which to research.

Brisbane Story Bridge under construction


We can help you find a Brisbane investment property in the right location that is well serviced and will show good capital growth over time. We recommend that you speak to financial adviser that will help you plan your financial future, you can use your own or we can introduce you to someone.  The only sustainable way to make money is through developing a sound financial strategy to suit your circumstances. The next step in the process is to get pre-approval of finance once this is sorted we can help you select a property and manage the whole building process for you. Contact us for a confidential chat.

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